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Tuoteuutiset 04/04/2023

Ensto FLIP – technology and skill in lighting

Ensto Building Systems has added to its industrial lighting range with the introduction of the Ensto FLIP product family, consisting of complete technological marvels. The Ensto FLIP range has unrivalled technical features, offering various luminous flux packages, a high rating of IP66, and a wide range of applications from logistics centers to warehouses and even demanding production areas. …

frida uutiskuva
Tuoteuutiset 15/03/2023

New Frida brings modular Ensto luminaires to hospitals

Now there are even more applications for the energy and cost-efficient Ensto modular luminaires. The latest addition to Ensto Building Systems product range is Ensto Frida, a safe lighting solution for hospitals and healthcare units, for example. Ensto Diana, on the other hand, provides general lighting.

navi uutiskuva
Tuoteuutiset 23/03/2022

Ensto Navi – The light that guides

Ensto Navi surprises with excellency and versatility. Navi is a stylish lighting range with optics that allow you to create squares, arrows and lines of light for applications where seamless light comes into its own. Navi guides users and visitors toward your shop, the departure gate, or the right classroom. Navi offers guidance, attracts attention, and asks to stop.

primus uutiskuva
Tuoteuutiset 01/02/2022

The best in its class – general lighting for schools and offices

With its advanced lighting technology, Ensto Primus provides a versatile and efficient project luminaire for schools and offices. The Primus general luminaire has a wide range of features that make it easily adaptable to many kinds of projects.…

Haarautuva tie
Yritysuutiset 04/11/2021

Ensto’s transaction to divest Ensto Building Systems to Legrand has been completed

Ensto’s transaction to divest Ensto Building Systems to Legrand has been completed.

Koteloita mobiiliverkkojen tukiasemiin
Referenssit 24/05/2021

Robust enclosures withstand Finland’s harsh weather and changing seasons, to guarantee well-functioning cellular networks

Collaboration between Ensto and Orbis kicked off in 2013 when Orbis began using Ensto’s enclosure solutions in its cellular-network base stations.