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Authorised dealers | Legrand Finland

Electric vehicle charging solutions from an expert in the field, easily and safely

Our certified and trained partners will ensure that your charger is installed safely and that you can use it whenever you need.

Ensto certified

Our Certified by Ensto authorised dealers are carefully chosen electrical professionals whose salespeople and installers are trained and certified in Ensto’s electric vehicle charging systems for housing associations and private homes. Certified by Ensto authorised dealers operate throughout Finland.

An authorised Ensto dealer of electric vehicle charging systems offers electric vehicle charging solutions from needs assessment and installation to expansion of the charging infrastructure. In addition, they are your partner throughout the life cycle of your electric vehicle charging system. In short, we provide turnkey solutions to electric vehicle charging – all under one roof!

Are you considering a charging system for a housing association or detached house? Contact one of our authorised dealers today!


An electric car charging solution for detached houses

Ensto One Home is suitable for charging all common electric vehicles as the charging station comes with a fixed 5 m cable with a type 2 plug, with a holder conveniently located in the middle of the light ring. It only takes a moment to set up the charger and the operating current can be adjusted with the Ensto Charger Control app as needed. The app also allows you to start and stop charging when the charging method is selected, which requires authentication for security. With these three simple steps, you can have an easy and safe Ensto One Home charger system for your detached home:

  1. A needs assessment, i.e. a survey of the charging capacity of the charging site and electrical installations. 
  2. Installation of the charger and any additional electrical work required.
  3. Deployment of the charging station: programming and downloading of the Ensto Charger Control app to the user’s phone and instruction on its use.
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A smart electric car charging system for housing associations

An authorised dealer is your reliable and professional partner at every stage of acquiring and setting up your charging system. The first step in the procurement of charging equipment for housing associations is a needs assessment, which enabled the housing association the capacity to move towards obtaining the charging system. 

Following the steps below, you will be able to work with your authorised dealer to plan the most suitable charging system for your building:   

  1. Needs assessment for the housing association
  2. Choice of charging equipment
  3. Installation
  4. Deployment of the equipment, including trial operation and deployment measurements, and instruction in its use
  5. Maintenance
  6. Expansion of the charging infrastructure