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School lighting | Legrand Finland

Ensto lighting solutions for schools

A school environment's lighting has a significant impact on alertness, learning and well-being. Good lighting is uniform and neutral. It is refreshing and helps you concentrate without straining your eyes.

Designing a complete solution

Kolme nuorta kaupungilla


The Ensto range of luminaires offers products suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments in schools. Ensto luminaires are compatible with different installation and connection methods and control systems.

EnstoNet tuotekuva


The EnstoNet plug-in system speeds up cabling and installation work while enabling excellent flexibility and quick maintenance of the luminaire.

Älykäs valaistus luokkahuoneessa

Smart lighting control

Intelligent Ensto lighting control enables optimal energy consumption and user-centric lighting. The push-button control can be combined with presence and daylight control.

Ihmisiä kirjastossa

Designer support

We use the indoor workplace lighting standard (EN12464-1, 2021) in our design service and you can also use it free of charge with your design project. The standard is also available from the online shop of the Finnish Standards Association.

Päiväkotikoulun käytävä

Modern lighting for a kindergarten-school

At the Pontus kindergarten-school in Lappeenranta, Ensto Diana Flat LED module luminaires illuminate the work areas and corridors. At Pontus, children of different ages study in open and adaptable workspaces. The chosen luminaires have minimised glare (UGR less than 19), which means they are also comfortable to use on screens and tablets. The colourful decoration was continued up to the light fittings.

Moderni kirjaston käytävä

Quality lighting solutions for schools

From our range you will find the right Ensto luminaires for different environments, with energy efficiency and optical solutions. Modern, adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces and varying needs place their own demands on efficient lighting. We can help you design the entire lighting system and choose the right products.

Proper lighting and optimal energy efficiency

Ensto's range of luminaires offers solutions for all areas of the school environment - both indoors and outdoors. The luminaires meet the needs of different spaces, such as glare control for screen and tablet work areas. 

Intelligent lighting control enables optimum energy efficiency and lighting as required. Easy to use and automate Ensto sensor control solutions can be combined with push-button control, allowing lighting to serve different users perfectly.