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Public charging | Legrand Finland

Electric vehicle charging wherever you go!

Wherever you drive – to work, to the shops, to town – at some point your electric car will need more power to keep you going. Ensto’s electric vehicle charging equipment is designed and manufactured to withstand a wide range of uses and conditions. With more than a decade of experience, we are pioneers when it comes to electric transport. Our devices are suitable for operators, towns and cities, shopping centres and workplaces, and up to 22 kW of charging power will keep you going even with shorter stops. In addition to the chargers, EV Cloud ensures simple connection and control of devices and users.

At work

At work

As electric cars and rechargeable hybrid vehicles become more common, the workplace is also a natural place to charge your car. Pioneers in the field provide a charging stream for employees and customers to boost brand image and communicate the importance of environmental sustainability. Ensto’s charging solution promotes the employer’s ability to guarantee new opportunities, including employee benefits.

With Ensto’s charging system, users can define different profiles and also grant access to guests. The charging device itself can also serve as an attention-grabber or be used for communication purposes, not to mention advertising. Ensto Media combines a charging device and a large media display into one eye-catching unit that will certainly not go unnoticed. Our products suitable for public charging include the powerful Ensto Wallbox and the great-looking Ensto Pro and Ensto Media.

At the shops

Charging an electric car while at the shops creates a very positive image and enhances the brand image of the shopping centre and the shops. Electric car drivers spend more time in shops while charging their cars for their next journey. It is also very easy to combine a charging fee with a parking fee, or to offer free charging if you want to attract a specific target group.

The cloud-based operating system allows for upgradability and remote access in case of failure or in operator use. The cloud-based service is also important for managing a larger infrastructure of charging devices and for power load management to safely allocate limited resources. Ensto’s charging system serves owners and users alike.