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Our products – generalist or specialist, local, national or global – are recognised as preferred throughout our ecosystem. Day after day, distributors, installers and end users choose our solutions, sold under some 80 iconic brands.

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Legrand, the world’s leading supplier of fittings and cable route systems, offering a wide range of integration solutions for your applications.


Our electrification, lighting and electric vehicle charging products and services are sold under the Ensto brand. We have over 60 years of experience in making life easy, safe and sustainable.

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BTicino is a well-known and successful brand in more than 60 countries. BTicino has several factories and production facilities, the largest of which are in Italy. The company has been part of Legrand Group since 1989. 

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Zucchini, an Italian company specialising in the manufacture of bus bars and transformers, has been part of Legrand group since 2005. We help in finding integrative solutions that keep maintenance costs low and optimise logistical coordination. Zucchini products are simple and quick to install.

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Netatmo is known for simple and smart products that make any home safer and more comfortable. Through our ‘With Netatmo’ partner programme, we develop intelligent solutions that can be integrated into the home infrastructure. Netatmo, whose brand became part of Legrand in 2018, has made Legrand a formidable player in the smart home market.



Raritan provides energy management solutions for data centres and server cabinets. These include smart power PDUs, transfer switches, cabinet controllers, sensors, console servers, and keyboard, video and KVM-over-IP switches. Raritan’s award-winning equipment solutions have helped companies improve their energy efficiency, operational reliability and productivity in over 60,000 businesses and 76 countries.

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Minkels is a global manufacturer and supplier of top-of-the-range data centre solutions. Minkel products are renowned for their uniqueness and flexibility. Our customers can rely on our state-of-the-art modular data centre solutions to meet their ever-changing and specific business needs.