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Advanced Ensto office lighting solutions

Offices not only serve to interact with others, but they also reinforce the image of the company and its culture. Lighting needs to be flexible as users or the layout of the space changes.

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Good lighting adapts to its use

Modern offices combine different spaces for interaction that change according to need. There is demand for larger and smaller offices, meeting rooms and team rooms, quiet spaces and privacy. 

Hybrid working is here to stay, reducing the amount of office space needed. At the same time, more is required of offices.

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Smart technology ensures success

In addition to energy efficiency, lighting design must also take account for flexibility and the diversity of users. The framework for office lighting design is provided by the standard for indoor workplace lighting (EN 12464-1), updated in 2021, which recommends that lighting is designed for each space and task. In addition, lighting should be adjustable.

Intelligent sensor technology, integrated into modern LED luminaires, ensures success.

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Cost-effectiveness from uptime

Procurement solutions are driven by cost-effectiveness. Lighting is a long-term investment, and the degree of utilisation determines how high the life-cycle cost will ultimately be. That is why Ensto's intelligent lighting systems save energy and maintenance costs during uptime.

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As locals, we know your needs

We know the needs of designers and contractors because we are a local specialist with lengthy experience. Both our regional sales force and our product development unit are happy to serve you with lighting projects for offices large and small.

Other applications for our luminaires


Lobby and reception areas

Lighting can be used to draw attention to key areas and enhance the brand image. We can also customise the standard Ensto luminaires to create eye-catchers!


Public spaces

We offer a wide and cost-effective range of Ensto luminaires and user-friendly Ensto control solutions for different needs and different users.



Making text stand out requires avoiding glare from lighting, as well as appropriate contrasts, which can be achieved with good optics and lighting design.

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Healthcare facilites

We know that flexible lighting is a requirement in healthcare environments. That's why Ensto lighting solutions offer a wide range of user-friendly control solutions.


Day cares and schools

Our range includes Ensto lighting solutions suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting. Our optically good solutions and intelligent control create glare-free, appropriate and safe lighting.


Retirement homes

Lighting in retirement homes must be comfortable and safe. Our Ensto solutions also contribute to residents' sleep patterns, alertness and general well-being.

Energy efficient and smart

The pursuit of energy efficiency, comfort and trendiness has also increased the role of lighting control in office lighting. Ensto products allow us to combine the best possible energy efficiency with smart control technology. Simultaneously, we can collect property data through integrated sensors. 

We understand the needs and requirements of designers, contractors and end customers. Ensto's lighting solutions not only offer a wide range, but also a high level of technology and design.