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Solutions for electrifying apartment buildings

The Ensto apartment building concept is an easy and affordable way to electrify an apartment building. The excellence of the concept is based on products that fit their purpose and competitive pricing.

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We make your work easier at every stage of the project:

  • Materials to the house folder easily
  • Extended project guarantee
  • Competitive pricing

Check out the Ensto offering below or download the brochure of Ensto’s solutions for apartment building electrification!

Try the Ensto designer’s tools as well.

Buy more - save more

We offer you a well thought-out Ensto product range and competitive prices. The more product areas you choose, the more you save!

Materials for a house deck

Easily collect the materials you need by clicking on the electricity number!

More sustainable building

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and improve the efficiency of our operations.



Ensto control panels and IT enclosures are known for their easy installation and stylish design.

Ensto solutions are the trusted choice for renovations and line refurbishments of apartment buildings, when electrical and telecommunication cables are replaced to comply with general cabling and residual current regulations.



The right lighting solution can reduce your energy costs by up to 80% per year. By combining Ensto LED luminaires with motion sensor control, you get the most cost-effective solution.

Ensto luminaires have two technologies that can be combined to suit your needs. PIR reacts to the movement of an object of different temperature and radar reacts to any movement.


Installation equipment

Installation fittings are an integral part of a home's functioning electrical building services, architecture and interior design. In addition to everyday use, they must be able to withstand gazes year after year.

Ensto has a wide range of fittings to suit your needs and styles.


Electrical Heating

A warm floor in the bathroom does more than makes you feel good. Electric underfloor heating ensures that damp areas stay dry and structures do not get mouldy.

Installing Ensto heating systems is recommended when renovating the plumbing or bathrooms of an apartment building.


Frost Protection

Thawing is preventive maintenance of a property, which is also a necessity. The safety of access roads is mainly the responsibility of housing associations.  

Icy walkways are a safety hazard. In addition, ice-damaged gutters and pipes often cause costly moisture damage to building structures.

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Electric Vehicle Charging

Easy to use and safe, the Ensto charger is also stylish. 

Ensto One is best suited for sites with multiple users. Ensto One together with the EV Manager interface ensures smooth user management, user-specific consumption reporting and load management.

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