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Smart lighting | Legrand Finland

Intelligent and human-centred lighting

In construction and renovation, particular attention is paid not only to cost control, but also to the adaptability of spaces. Increasing attention is being paid to well-being and alertness, both of which can be influenced by lighting.

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LED technology adapts to different needs

Lighting must be adaptable without the need to make heavy changes to cabling or space structures. As users change and needs change, intelligent and human-centred lighting is essential. 

LED lighting technology allows almost unlimited control over the quantity, quality, colour and timing of lighting. Easy adjustability is faster and therefore more cost-effective.

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Smart lighting saves time and electricity

The most tangible benefit of smart lighting is the savings in electricity consumption. Sensor control based on presence and daylight ensures that lighting is automatic and always as needed. 

The sensor in the smart light can also be used for other building automation needs. For example, the presence information from the luminaire can be used to control the ventilation system.

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We combine human-centredness, sustainability and energy efficiency

We design our smart lighting systems to be transformative, sustainable and energy efficient in a way that meets the needs of users. Human-centricity is the most important element of smart lighting, so a working solution combines all these features. 

With our solutions, you are sure to succeed!

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Our experts aid with a smooth transition

When it comes to designing smart lighting, professional support can save you a lot of headaches. Is digital, wireless or bus control the best control solution? Should you choose DALI or KNX, or Bluetooth, Zigbee or WiFi? MESH networks, self-learning, mobile applications, data collection and integrations need to be considered, but where to start? 

No problem - our experts are here to help!

A future-proof solution comes from collaboration

We work with major lighting components and systems professionals because our skills are mutually supportive. Our partners include Helvar, Tridonic, Casambi and Philips. 

We provide you with the support and expertise to design for the future, whatever your project! We manage indoor and outdoor lighting for small and large projects.