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Electric vehicle charging solutions for private homes and housing associations

Are you looking for a reliable and smart charging solution for a detached house or housing association? The Finnish Ensto One product range makes charging an electric vehicle easy, efficient, and safe in all conditions for both private and shared charging. Discover the different power options and smart features of our chargers. Our certified partners ensure that Ensto One will meet your charging needs now and in the future.


Ensto One Home for detached houses

Designed for residential use, Ensto One Home beings a whole new level of convenience to charging your electric or hybrid vehicle. More efficient and smarter than ever, Ensto One Home adapts flexibly to your needs, even with a smaller electrical connection and limited power capacity. Smart local load management keeps charging efficient in all situations, so you can also use other electrical appliances in your home at the same time without worry. With the timer, you can take advantage of night-time electricity or the cheapest hours on the electricity market. And with the Ensto Charger Control app, you can customise the charger power from your smartphone. A Finnish product is always the safest and most worry-free choice!

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Ensto One for shared charging in housing associations

For housing associations and shared charging, our solution is the easy, smart and safe Ensto One, which has a range of power options. The charging station can be equipped with a cloud-based operating system for management and monitoring of chargers and users. Ensto One is a secure platform for company-specific charging for years to come. There are two charger options, both of them stylish and durable. Ensto One is best suited for housing associations where there are multiple charging point users. The Ensto Wallbox, by contrast, is a modular solution for dual electric vehicle charging. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it the perfect choice for daily charging.

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Electric vehicle charging solutions from a certified partner

To purchase a charging station, contact a partner that is certified and trained by Ensto. This way, you will ensure that the charging station meets the needs of the property and its users now and in the future. Our partner will also handle the installation safely and in such a way that power load management ensures the most efficient charging power is always available.

Ensto One asennuskuva

Flexibility for different installation methods

Professionals are delighted with the ease of installation of Ensto One charging stations, the standard of support, and the flexibility of the system's different installation methods and variations. Design and installation is made easier by the technical manufacturer's support and proximity. A home charger made in Finland can also be unreservedly recommended for consumer use because of its electrical and fire safety. Order yours from one of Ensto’s certified partners – with installation!

Ease of home charging and carefree driving

With the Ensto One product range, we are responding to the growing popularity of electric cars and home charging. In both private homes and housing associations, there is a need for user-friendly, safe and efficient charging. Regardless of where it is used, the charger must also be able to withstand time and varying weather conditions. Based on these considerations, we have been developing and manufacturing Ensto charging systems for more than a decade. We are closely involved in the growth of electric transport and in promoting sustainable solutions.