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Incara workspace solutions

The way we work is constantly changing, and so are the technical requirements of modern workspaces. Legrand Incara has been created to meet the needs of users. The range of products, which can be integrated into furniture, allows electrical and telecommunications outlets to be seamlessly integrated into any space.

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In our brochure you will find more information about the Incara product family, a product selection guide and a table of application recommendations!

A flush socket has been integrated to an armchair. A man reaches to unplug their device.


The Incara Disq series integrates essential interfaces into any environment. The patented Legrand socket mechanism keeps the surface flat when the socket is not in use. 

With Disq 80 QI, you are free from cables! 

The simple design language and clear labelling make Disq products suitable for countertops, waiting areas and conference rooms.

A wood-detailed Incara Electron socket is placed on a desk.


Incara Electr'On is the finishing touch to your workstation. It can be placed on the desk as such or fixed to the tabletop at a 45° angle with a bracket. 

Finishing covers can also be ordered separately and are easily replaced! Electr'On products are made of high quality materials with attention to detail.

Incara Flip-up sits flush on a table's surface.


Incara Flip-up is created for demanding meeting rooms and offices. It is unobtrusive even in use thanks to its unique flip-up mechanism and adaptable opening. 

When the cover slides inside the body, the connections pop out. The cover can be closed during use, leaving only the cables visible.

Incara Link'On is a compact, modular solution.


Incara Link'On is a flexible solution for your charging needs. It can be moved or expanded at a moment's notice, as needed. 

The range includes several different models, equipped with sockets, USB A+C chargers and HDMI connection cables, among others.

The Multilink can be fitted wit different modules to suit your needs.


Incara Multilink is a modular flush-mounted solution for electrical and data connectivity in workstations. 

Choose from ready-made options or customise your Multilink by selecting from over 200 Mosaic installation kits.

A phone rests on the Multi-Outlet. The tilted surface allows for keeping up with messages while your phone charges.


The Incara Multi-Outlet charging station is a cost-effective choice for homes and small mobile workspaces. 

The inclined, non-sliding charging platform allows you to keep track of your messages from your smartphone even while charging. The compact charging station with power switch also features a USB A+C charger and two power sockets.

A phone is plugged on the On Desk -solution with a USB-C port.

On Desk

Incara On Desk can be placed on or under the worktop without holes in the furniture. It is a cost-effective solution for the electrification of workstations. 

In addition to pre-furnished models, the range also includes empty frame sections that can be furnished with Mosaic modules. The range of modules meets the needs of the most demanding users - including a reading light!

The Pop-up sits flush on the table until popped open.


The Incara Pop-up body hides the most important connections under a sophisticated cover. In addition to the ready-made models, you can furnish your own version with the Mosaic range of installation furniture. 

The frame option with IP44 cover protects plugs from liquid damage when closed.

The lid of Top Access can be closed even when cables are plugged to it.

Top Access

Incara Top Access allows all types of connections and connecting cables to be neatly stored in one place. 

The fully open frame makes it easy to accommodate both basic and specialised electrical solutions. The soft action of the cover is ensured by a damper.

A charger is being plugged into a soft orange and white Disq-socket.

For professionals of interior design

The Incara range adapts to any environment or application. It is designed to meet the most challenging requirements.

The Tower pops up from the table and has sockets on four different sides. A person is charging their device on the wireless charger on top of Tower.


Incara Tower solutions are sleek, pull-up solutions for electrical isolation from the desktop. They are ideal for confined spaces where power and data connections are needed occasionally. 

Tower 120 units pivot as required and include an automatic opening mechanism. A model with a wireless charging platform is also available.

Disq wireless charger has been integrated to a coffee table. A person is placing their phone down to charge.

Personalise on mobile

Control your office from your mobile device with Incara Connected! The Home + Control app enables innovative energy management and comfort optimisation.

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