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Our easy-to-install products enable smart solutions that minimise the cost of downtime. Our project-based approach minimises installation costs. We take care of the calculation, engineering, installation, logistical coordination with our suppliers, certification of installations and customer service.

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Easy to install, adapt and scale

Our range of rails is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Our three ranges cover all requirements from 25 amps to over 6 300 amps.


Our robust and durable busbars are easily adaptable to the application of the space. They are easy to install and scalable to help you optimize your power distribution to its peak.


A busbar is a superior solution in terms of total cost of ownership. It saves time during the construction phase and makes it easier to maintain your electricity infrastructure in the future. Compact rails are also ideal for data centre power distribution.

  • Quick installation without cables.
  • Branch points can be installed on site, saving time and money.
  • The 3D technology we use in the design phase reduces the risk of potential error costs.


View the brochure on XCM.

View the brochure on LBPlus and XCP.

Tuotekuva Lbplus-virtakiskosta.


The LBplus range meets all lighting and power requirements up to 63 amps. Two different profiles ensure that we meet your installation needs.

Type A (LBA) suspension brackets can be spaced up to three metres apart and Type B (LBB) up to seven metres apart.

LBplus data rails combined with our lighting solutions allow for automatic lighting control.

Tuotekuva XCM-virtakiskosta.


The XCM series is strong and reliable. It is available with aluminium alloy conductors from 160 to 1 000 amps and 99.9% electrolytic copper conductors from 250 to 1 000 amps. Terminal boxes range from 16 to 1 000 amps and can be fitted with protective devices.

The XCM is the ideal solution for vertical applications where no busbar blocking or thermal expansion elements are required.

tutoekuva XCP-HP -virtakiskosta.


The XCP series is very compact. Power rails with aluminium or copper conductors are available from 630 to 6 300 amps and have an IP55 rating. IP65 is also available. 

The XCP-S offers the most compact and lightweight solution for the most common performance needs. 

The XCP-HP has a higher energy saving capacity and short circuit resistance. It is designed to operate at 55°C, making it the perfect solution for heavy duty applications.

Tuotekuva RCP-virtakiskosta.


The RCP series provides exceptional resilience and protection for critical infrastructure in extreme indoor and outdoor environments. Its long lifetime ensures reliable performance in critical infrastructures.

RCP rails are IP68 rated. Aluminium or copper conductors embedded in epoxy resin provide mechanical strength and electrical insulation.


Lower costs
Less modification work means lower installation costs. You don't need to make expensive modifications or hire an electrician.

Faster installation
Construction projects get started faster, and electricity can be added, removed or relocated quickly and easily without interruption.

Flexibility for the future
Certain plug-in units can be connected and disconnected without having to shut off the power supply. They require no maintenance and can be modified quickly and cost-effectively.

zucchini busbar

An environmentally friendly solution
Busbars use less installation material and their sockets are reusable and portable. Zucchini busbars are also environmentally friendly at the end of their life cycle. It is easy to dismantle them and separate the clean raw materials for recycling.

Optimising space requirements
Busbars are very compact. They can be used to create corners to optimise the use of space.

Improved electromagnetic compatibility
The steel shells of Zucchini busbars protect against electromagnetic radiation. They create a safer environment for both people and electrical equipment compared to unshielded distribution systems.

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