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Mobile data centres

This is a modular solution for mobile data storage in today’s digital economy, where the availability of digital systems is vital. A good infrastructure is indispensable for uninterrupted uptime. Data centres are needed to run cloud services, mobile apps, and other digital services.

A modular solution for mobile data storage

Increasingly many organisations are coming to the conclusion that digital spaces are critical to their day-to-day operations. In considering this issue, a key focus is on business continuity and the ability to recover from crises. Existing (cloud-based) data centres are functional data storage spaces, but there is an increasing need for additional short-term capacity to meet current storage needs. Companies prefer modular solutions, and do not accept any disruptions to processes that are a priority for their business operations.


To meet the requirements of a totally mobile data centre solution, Engie has developed a fully integrated modular and mobile data centre with Legrand: Engie mobile data centre (EMDC) – powered by Legrand. This pre-built mobile data centre combines Engie Refrigeration’s refrigeration solutions with Legrand’s energy-efficient data centre technology and know-how. The end result is optimal yield and uninterrupted performance. If you need additional capacity at short notice or want to keep data protection-related data out of the cloud, this unique and flexible data storage infrastructure solution is readily available. An EMDC is a great (temporary) alternative to a conventional data centre when renovating, expanding or upgrading facilities.



  • Responsible technology, energy efficiency and cost savings
  • A ‘plug-and-play’ multifunctional solution for data centres
  • Being mobile, it can easily be placed in the desired space, such as a parking area or even on the roof
  • Unlike conventional building methods, this solution does not interfere with the primary functions of the organisation
  • Temporary, permanent or emergency space
  • Fast delivery thanks to standard modules
  • An online design tool for easy design

An ICT-neutral general concept

The EMDC is an information and communication technology (ICT) neutral generic concept designed for industry, infrastructure and supply markets. It covers the whole process from design and deployment to delivery of the service, as well as logistics services where appropriate. Our mobile data centre is available in two sizes (8 x 3 m, and 13 x 3 m) and all the necessary data centre components are integrated into this single enclosure. Thanks to prefabrication, delivery times can be up to 40 per cent shorter than for conventional data centres. EMDC is as reliable and as accessible as a conventional data centre or server room. ENGIE can of course offer more than just the delivery of an EMDC. We are happy to take care of all the necessary infrastructure tasks, such as implementation of the electricity supply or set-up of telecommunications connections.