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Smart homes | Legrand Finland

Smart homes

Our smart, connected devices ensure that you can live the life you want in your home without making any extra changes. Our selection includes ideal solutions for all kinds of homes.

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Benefits of a connected home

Home is one of the most valuable things we own. That is why we want to care for it.

A smart home connected to the internet offers its residents new ways to enjoy life:

  • Life is easier when you can control your home with technology - also from an accessibility perspective.
  • Your peace of mind is assured when technology keeps an eye on your home even when you're away.
  • You don't just have to look after your home, your home can look after you and help you when you are in need.

Our solutions not only improve your comfort and security, but also help you save energy!


Building a smart home

Here's what we need to consider when building a truly smart home:

  1. Easy-to-install devices can be deployed immediately.
  2. Devices can communicate with third-party products to ensure a complete ecosystem.
  3. Our experts meet security and development standards.

At Legrand, we support you in transforming your home into a smart home by offering a wide range of products and applications for your project.

Our smart home products

Netatmo Pro

Netatmo Pro

The smart devices in the Netatmo Pro range can be used on their own or integrated into a smart home system.

Netatmo products are compatible with various platforms, including Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Amazon.

Valena Life

Valena™ Life with Netatmo

Valena Life light switches and sockets complement your interior!

Valena Life products are easy to control thanks to the latest wireless technology, which you can access via our free app and cloud services.


Indoor video modules

With our indoor video modules (Classe 300 X & Classe 100 X) you can keep an eye on your home and manage your calls remotely, even when you're not home!

Our video modules communicate with your smartphone via WiFi.