Residential distribution boxes (cabinets)

Residential distribution boxes (cabinets)

Distribution boxes 13 modules Drivia

Drivia enclosures with 13 modules per row and terminal boxes: Drivia surface-mounted enclosures (13 to 52 modules) can be used in small installation spaces thanks to their optimal wiring volume. Terminal covers from 2 to 9 modules are ideal for adding a few electrical circuits.

XL³ 125 : 18 modules surface-mounted distribution panel

The XL³ 125 surface-mounted panel is the flexible panel for domestic installations thanks to its width of 18 modules per row. Its elegance combined with the comfort of wiring makes it the ideal residential distribution box.

Plexo³ IP66 distribution boxes

Plexo³ terminal covers and weatherproof surface-mounted distribution boxes are ideal for outdoor installations and industrial environments, etc. thanks to their IP 66 degree of protection.

Ekinoxe - Flush mounted distribution panels 12 modules

Distribution panels for embedding in masonry or cavity walls. Widely used in the construction of apartments, hotels, offices ...

XL³ 160 - Surface-mounted and Flush-mounted panels 24 modules

Plastic or metal execution, surface or recessed, capacity from 24 to 144 modules.

XL³ S 160 - Surface-mounted and Flush-mounted panels 24 and 36 modules

Metal enclosures with standard equipment and suitable for both small and large 
installations (up to 288 modules).